Professional Medical Representative

First Bay Pharma Distributor

Manila, Metro Manila

Currently we are looking for:
Medical Representative in the Following Products for:
  • Oncology, Rheumatology & Pedia Division
Job Description:
Medical sales representatives are often responsible for a set territory in which they may serve as either inside or outside sales representatives, or independent representatives who serve a number of businesses and sell a variety of medical products.
Inside sales representatives may work with current customers through remote contact to ensure that their product is well received. While inside sales representatives may contact new customers, they rarely leave the office or meet with clients directly. Outside sales representatives spend much of their time traveling and often meet directly with both new and existing customers to market new products and ensure quality of service.
  • Female or Male
  • Although this career is open to all graduates, the following subjects may improve your chances: Life sciences courses such as Nursing, Pharmacist, and others
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • An outgoing and persuasive manner and the ability to deal with people who hold differing beliefs or values
  • Confidence and persistence
  • Patience and self-motivation;
  • Analytical and planning skills;
  • A flexible approach to work in order to adapt to changes, for example in the healthcare system or product and drug formularies;
  • Strong teamwork and networking skills;
  • Commercial and business awareness.
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