Agent - Customer Services.Dubai - CS


UAE, Dubai customer-service
  1. Ensure that designated responsibilities are executed in accordance with applicable regulations and standards of Oman Air.
  2. Shall comply with laws, regulations and procedures of the work location.
  3. Be familiar with laws, regulations and procedures of the performance of the duties.
  4. Accountable and responsible to execute safety responsibilities in accordance with Quality Assurance Operations Manual.
  5. Accountable and responsible to execute safety responsibilities in accordance with Safety System Management Manual.
  6. Display excellent motivational leadership, delegation and mentoring in-order to facilitate customer satisfaction. Strive with your team to avoid complaints and earn compliments.
  7. Support all team members and peers to build morale and ensure excellent discipline and grooming standards. Encourage friendly and professional multicultural work environment.
  8. Encourage team members and peers to come-up with bright ideas and generate service improvement feedback.
  9. Identify and meet the standard and special service requirements of the passenger at check-in, boarding gates, special services and ramp by adhering to the set service standards and procedures so that the passengers, baggage and cargo are handled in an efficient manner.
  10. Assist Deportee/INAD Handling staff, in order to check if any additional help is required.
  11. Assist to locate missing passengers by means of paging and physical search and clearing them through to the boarding gates. Inform Airport Services Supervisor or Airport Services Duty Officer if any congestion situation is faced so the boarding gates can be duly informed and proactive action taken.
  12. Check on all counters and the serviceability of equipment, availability of stationery and overall organization of counters on a timely basis in order to be prepared for handling of passengers as well as disruptive situations.
  13. Monitor the checking process and ensure superior customer service levels are upheld and assist the process of ensuring the safe and on-time departure of WY flights.
  14. Monitor the self-Check-in kiosks and ensure Passengers are briefed on the process and usage of the kiosks.
  15. Suggest feasible improvements to procedures based on observed trends and analysis.
  16. Greets passengers who have been directed to the Baggage Service Office, completes PIR (Property irregularity Reports) in the World Tracer System, offers interim relief or Overnight kit where necessary and gives the passenger a wallet containing a copy of the PIR, Baggage Inventory Form (BIF) and a contact number for their follow up enquires.
  17. Contact Passenger on daily basis to advise latest follow-up and ensure BIF is completed by the passenger and handed over to EK office within 48hours, system to be updated accordingly, so that the passenger is satisfied that his/her needs are met.
  18. Proactively Trace all the unclaimed baggage (both tag & tag-less) in stores by effective use of all system and ensure bags are dispatched to the passenger with minimum inconvenience.
  19. Process the passenger claims as per WY claims procedure and ensure all the files are settled within the stipulated time by coordinating with Central Baggage Tracing, Accounts Department & communicating with passengers to minimize the inconvenience caused.
  20. Responsible for monitoring flight build up as allocated by the Supervisors/ Officers in order that the WY baggage are processed and loaded as required. Investigates re scanned bags on site and ensure problem is resolved.