Officer - Airport Services.Amman - CS


Jordan, Amman customer-service
  1. Coordinate with GH on operational issues
  2. Liaise with Immigration and Security Authorities at the airport
  3. Ensure proper organization and planning for all flights of the day
  4. Monitor staff punctuality. To ensure proper allocation of Staff to cover all areas.
  5. Meet the demands of the operation from time to time to ensure smooth function, such as A/C technical, Charter Flights, unexpected long flight delays or cancellations, aircraft rotation etc.
  6. Ensure proper administration is adhered to in matters relating to revenue such as acceptance of flight coupons, transit passenger meal vouchers etc. and

correspondence such as telexes, faxes, email etc

  1. Ensure/monitor meal uplift and avoid wastage at Station
  2. Staff/Supervisor performance or any other discrepancies observed with suggestions for rectification and improvement
  3. Liaise with other airline representatives, as and when required to meet operational demand
  4. Cover all areas of the airport to ensure smooth function and proper organization
  5. Submit a report to Duty Manager and Airport Services Manager on daily basis on station activities at the end of the day
  6. Submit a separate report on any other incidents such as flight technical, DNB, charters
  7. Preparations/Amendments/Changes in the roster
  8. Any other activities pertaining to operations of WY Customer Service Office and all WY flight Operations
  9. Administrate and ensure OCS mailing procedure are carried out by staff without any delays
  10. Ensure availability and supply of relevant stationary items at the counters and other areas as per the requirement.
  11. Liaise with Customs, Immigration and security for issues pertaining the airline and its passengers.